Sacred Cranium Velvet Fabric



The design of Sacred Cranium was inspired by an article I read about a fascinating intricately carved skull found in an antique shop in Vienna. Although the skull was shrouded in mystery it’s origins were traced to Tibet

Such skulls it seems were carved to take an evil curse off a family or guide the soul of a misled person onto the right path

Sacred Cranium reimagines the Tibetan carved skull in repeat motifs set against an inky black background

The skull’s forehead has delicate carvings in ivory of stylized flowers whilst the eye sockets, cheek bones and mandible are decorated with diamonds, citrines, aquamarines and sapphires 

Skulls have a striking visual appeal and are a surefire way to bring a rock ‘n roll edge into any interior 

Fabric Description

Polyester velvet is a seductively lustrous material with a featherlike softness and gorgeous sheen. It offers outstanding duro and is wrinkle resistant

WIDTH: 136cm


STYLE: Fabric

MATERIAL: Polyester Velvet