The Emperor Velvet Fabric



This decorative design will impart a magisterial grandeur into any interior 

It was inspired by the ornate jacket I created for Nick Cave in a portrait celebrating his musical genius entitled The Emperor

The atmosphere of this design is regal

and features diamond and ruby star motifs interspersed with pearl and sapphire stylized flowers

It has decorative flourishes of crystal and pale green olivine peridotite gemstones which sparkle against a dramatic midnight blue background

The Emperor’s jewelled aesthetic oozes opulence and will create a sublime interior mood in any interior

ky backdrop for its diamond and ruby star motifs, pearl and sapphire flowers and pale green olivine peridotite gemstones.

Fabric Description

Polyester velvet is a seductively lustrous material with a featherlike softness and gorgeous sheen. It offers outstanding duro and is wrinkle resistant

WIDTH: 136cm


STYLE: Fabric

MATERIAL: Polyester Velvet