Kate Bush Velvet Fabric

£150.00 Per Metre

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Wide eyed, wild and sensual, Kate Bush is a true rock n’ roll original. Her trademark voice, avant-garde choreography and elusiveness gives her almost mythical status. 

I created a collage of Kate with the desire of capturing not only her ethereal beauty, but the mystery surrounding her. 

I chose the song “How to be Invisible” from her album Aerial as my starting point.  

The Kate Bush fabric design, was born from this artwork, and sees the songstress mirrored in repeat within a forest hideout. 

This whimsical design has an Art Nouveau influence with organic ornamental forms of beaded flowers, vine tendrils and insect wings that serve to conceal and camouflage her until she almost disappears into the background. 

Fabric Description

Polyester velvet is a seductively lustrous material with a featherlike softness and gorgeous sheen. It offers outstanding duro and is wrinkle resistant

WIDTH: 136cm


STYLE: Fabric

MATERIAL: Polyester Velvet