Haiiro Velvet Fabric

£150.00 Per Metre

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Haiiro was informed by my collage The Shaman, influenced by the costumes worn by priest-like holy men known as Shamans. Shamans were healers and had the ability to communicate with spirits. 

Their costumes were made from a combination of fur and fine silks and hung with bells, bronze mirrors, strips of cloth, metal fetishes of animals and other spirits, shells, glass beads and feathers. The costumes are deeply symbolic of the Shamans universe and act as a container for power that the Shaman will draw upon for magical work. 

Haiiro harnesses all of these elements and celebrates these magical robes in a potent composition of peacock and diamond feathers, colourful glass beads and totems.

Fabric Description

Polyester velvet is a seductively lustrous material with a featherlike softness and gorgeous sheen. It offers outstanding duro and is wrinkle resistant

WIDTH: 136cm


STYLE: Fabric

MATERIAL: Polyester Velvet