Pisices foil wallpaper

£225.00 Per Roll


Pisces is the latin word for ” fishes” and is characteristized in the zodiac by two fish swimming in opposite directions

These fish provide the repeat motif in this whimsical design and are arranged in symmetry intertwined with jewelled evocations of natural forms including butterflies, flowers and foliage 

Pisces is unashamedly complex and mirrors the aesthetics of the Arts and Crafts movement in particular, British textile designer, William Morris’s exuberant textile designs

Create a sublime interior atmosphere and bring individuality into any space with this indulgent kaleidoscopic design

Wallpaper Description

A matt silver foil paper which offers a shimmering metallic effect and gives a sense of luxury and grandeur

Hanging Instructions
Use a quality pre-mix tub adhesive for non-woven wallpapers. Avoid contact with the printed surface. Spongeable. Light Fastness – Good.

WIDTH: 85cm

VERTICAL: 46.2cm

STYLE: Straight match

MATERIAL: Matt silver foil

WEIGHT: 180gsm

ROLL LENGTH: 10 metres

MIN ORDER: 1 roll