Haiiro foil wallpaper

£225.00 Per Roll


Haiiro evokes the costumes worn by Shamans who were healers and had the ability to communicate with spirits

The design is unapologetically elaborate and features ornamental objects used by Shamans for decoration such as colourful glass beads, metal fetishes, shells and feathers in a mesmerising repeat pattern 

Its colour palette is harmonious one ranging from onyx, silver and opal to fiery tones of gold, topaz and coral

Harnesses the energy of mystical totems in a show stopping design that speaks of ancient times and magic rituals

Wallpaper Description

A matt silver foil paper which offers a shimmering metallic effect and gives a sense of luxury and grandeur

Hanging Instructions
Use a quality pre-mix tub adhesive for non-woven wallpapers. Avoid contact with the printed surface. Spongeable. Light Fastness – Good.

WIDTH: 85cm

VERTICAL: 42.8cm

STYLE: Straight match

MATERIAL: Matt silver foil

WEIGHT: 140gsm

ROLL LENGTH: 10 metres

MIN ORDER: 1 roll