Sorcerer Wallpaper

£125.00 Per Roll


Sorcerer conjures the mystery of folk magic which used spells and charms to combat malevolent witchcraft and for fortune telling healing and love potions

Plants, flowers, leaves and roots were used to create these spells and are all woven into this bewitching design

Look closely and you will see camouflaged moths, symbols of transformation appearing as repeat motifs interlaced within geometric formations of vervain, rosemary, motherwort, and sage, herbs used for healing and protection 

Sorcerer has a palette of rich earthy tones ranging from dark umber, forest and moss green to pewter and inky black

Invite the atmosphere of ancient woodlands into your home with this unique evocative design

Wallpaper Description

A smooth matt calendered non – woven paper with a matt printed finish offering a wide colour gamut with a slight sheen to the print mark

Hanging Instructions

Use a quality pre-mix tub adhesive for non-woven wallpapers. Avoid contact with the printed surface. Spongeable. Light Fastness – Good.

WIDTH: 70cm

VERTICAL: 103.4cm

STYLE: Straight match

MATERIAL: Smooth matt non-woven

WEIGHT: 180gsm

ROLL LENGTH: 10 metres

MIN ORDER: 1 roll