Luna wallpaper

£125.00 Per Roll

In mythology a luna deity is a god or goddess of the moon. The Romans named their goddess Luna and she was the divine embodiment of the moon. In Roman art Luna was depicted with a crescent moon. 

My mystical wallpaper design sees the goddess in symmetrical repeat with a crescent moon and star motif above her head. It has a trailing galaxy of pearly beads and incandescent diamond embellishments to enhance it’s celestial theme. 

Wallpaper Description
A smooth matt calendered non – woven paper with a matt printed finish offering a wide colour gamut with a slight sheen to the print mark.

Hanging Instructions
Use a quality pre-mix tub adhesive for non-woven wallpapers. Avoid contact with the printed surface. Spongeable. Light Fastness – Good.

WIDTH: 70cm

VERTICAL: 60.9cm

STYLE: Straight match

MATERIAL: Smooth matt non-woven

WEIGHT: 180gsm

ROLL LENGTH: 10 metres

MIN ORDER: 1 roll