Iggy Velvet Fabric



In 2019 I created a collage portrait of punk icon and rock n’ roll legend Iggy Pop 

It portrays him as a lithe bare chested centurion, wearing an ornamental headdress, tunic and armour

Happily, Iggy loved his portrait especially the unusual decorative way he had been depicted

From the portrait the “Iggy” design was born, inspired by the pattern of the tunic I fashioned for his lower body

The design evokes the decadence of the Art Deco movement by its use of symmetry and use of bold geometric shapes

Its rich colour palette of gold, ochre, tawny brown and burnt umber ensures that like the man himself, its style and appeal is unlikely to expire any time soon

Fabric Description

Polyester velvet is a seductively lustrous material with a featherlike softness and gorgeous sheen. It offers outstanding duro and is wrinkle resistant

WIDTH: 136cm


STYLE: Fabric

MATERIAL: Polyester Velvet